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      Past BWI Webinar
    Tuesday, June 17, 2014

    "Teaching Accountability for Personal & Family Health"
    Presenter: Shawna R. Dosser, BWI President & CEO"

    Who is responsible for your health? YOU ARE! Children depend on their parents, but when should they start relying on their own judgement and decisions? As a parent, are you teaching your kids the right things about health? Is it the responsibility of our government and schools to teach family health or the family's responsibility to teach and lead by example? These questions will be addressed in BWI's final webinar delivered by BWI President & CEO, Shawna Dosser. It has been Shawna's mission to help create basic tools for independent learning of personal health; teach personal accountability needed for true behavior change; and demonstrate easy-to-learn skills necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle.

      Past BWI Webinar
    Wednesday, March 19, 2014

    "An Authoritative Look at the ROI of Worksite Wellness Programming"
    Presenter: Larry Chapman, MPH, President, Chapman Institute"

    Do all worksite wellness programs produce a positive Return-on-Investment? Probably not. But a great deal of peer-reviewed scientific literature seems to make that claim. More recently a few vocal critics are challenging this traditional view. In this webinar learn what the literature says and doesn’t say about the economic return that can be expected from a worksite wellness program. Find out from a long time observer why this issue is as contentious as it is and why it is difficult for the employer community to clearly understand the issues. Examine from an authoritative perspective the current evidence for economic return and learn what the key variables are that will likely determine the economic return from a worksite wellness program. Finally learn what key future steps will be necessary for worksite wellness advocates to take in order to capture (or recapture) the economic “high ground.”

      Past BWI Webinar
    Wednesday, November 20, 2013

    "Disease Management Joins Forces with Health Promotion"
    Presenter: Steve Potje, RN, CCP, HPC, Executive Director, NADMWP"

    Steve Potje is the founder and executive director for the National Association for Disease Management & Wellness Professionals, a not-for-profit association charged with providing meaningful professional development resources for Disease Management & Wellness Professionals. While helping nurses and other medical professionals to identify career opportunities, NADMWP helps individuals through industry awareness, community development and growth within the medical and wellness sectors.

      Past BWI Webinar
    Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    "The Role of Culture within the Health Promotion Industry"
    Presenter: Dr. Judd Allen; President, Human Resources Institute, LLC"

    Wellness holds great promise for each of us. Unfortunately, unsupportive cultures frequently undermine positive practices and our efforts to adopt healthier lifestyles. This presentation reviews research on why having a wellness culture is so important. It also defines culture and explores the impact of five cultural dimensions: shared values, norms, peer support, cultural touch points and the overall social climate. The presentation features field-tested culture change strategies as well as best practice examples.

      Past BWI Webinar
    Wednesday, July 17, 2013

    "ABCs of Wellness Incentives: Making Good Use of Carrots and Sticks"
    Presenter: Larry Chapman, MPH; Founder, President & CEO, Chapman Institute

    Incentives have come to represent a "best practice" approach to worksite wellness. During this webinar, learn how to design effective incentive programs that can enhance participation as well as provide motivation for engaging in health promotion behaviors. Participants will learn the common pitfalls to avoid, and how to troubleshoot incentive programs or features that are under-performing. We will discuss a three-part typology for considering incentives and their use in worksite settings, and review an innovative approach to unified wellness incentives that represents a potential new chapter in worksite wellness programming.

      Past BWI Webinar
    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    "30 Years of Health Management Research...
    What Have We Learned About Health Promotion?"

    Speaker: Michael O'Donnell, MBA, MPH, PhD

    The mission of the University of Michigan HMRC (UM-HMRC), an acclaimed leader in the research and evaluation of workplace health promotion, is to study the impact of health choices on total health and productivity parameters, quality of life indicators and health care economics. Through examination of its database of more than 2 million individuals with seven to 20 years of cost and productivity measures, the center has identified several key concepts for the health promotion field. O'Donnell will discuss these findings and what they mean for an organization or program.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, March 20, 2013

    "HEcheck - New Measurement Tool for Executives: Analyzing Your Health Promotion Strategies"

    Speakers: Dr. Dee Edington and Dr. Tom Golaszewski
    Two Nationally-Recognized Health Promotion Experts

    Your company has heeded the call to foster better health among employees by adopting health promotion strategies. But is your organization – through features such as policies, services, facilities and program administrative structures – truly supporting efforts to the fullest? Join us when nationally recognized health promotion researcher Dr. Thomas Golaszewski and industry pioneer Dr. Dee W. Edington discuss Health Environment Check (HEcheck), a new, high-tech executive-level scoring system they developed to evaluate a workplace’s support for employee health.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, January 16, 2013

    "Next-Generation Workforce Health Promotion Certifications & Outcome-Based Tools for Executive Teams, Middle Management and Employees"
    Speaker: Shawna R. Dosser, MS, CWPM, CLSSGB, BWI President & CEO

    BWI National Health Promotion Training Institute President and CEO Shawna Dosser will continue Dr. Dee Edington's November 2012 webinar discussion about achieving greater improvement and performance in wellness by focusing on the next wave of tools for employer groups, which are designed to foster this strategy and lead to sustainable change. She will introduce BWI's Personal Health Certification, a new online employee wellness education tool that teaches basic skills in behavior change and healthy living. Individuals are provided with necessary foundations in health-risk prevention and personal health management. Employers of all sizes can now collect meaningful data that directly ties knowledge improvement to their wellness incentive programs, behavior change initiatives and health insurance risk reduction programs. Additional tools for executives, middle management and employee levels discussed included: BWI's Health Promotion Coordinator Certification; University at Buffalo TCIE's Certified Lean Sigma Blue Belt; and Health Environment Check (HEcheck)
      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    "Creating and Maintaining a Thriving, Sustainable Workplace and Workforce"
    Speaker: Dr. Dee Edington, Edington Associates

    Many organizations have engaged in health promotion and wellness activities for a considerable amount of time with fair to good results. However, reaching the desired outcomes can be a struggle. Join Dee W. Edington of Edington Associates LLC, a health and wellness industry pioneer, when he discusses why achieving greater improvement and performance in wellness requires a new level of thinking. This webinar will focus on the strategic, systematic, systemic and sustainable strategies and tools necessary to install or retrofit system thinking into any organization’s business strategy.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    "5 Ways to Combat Depression and its Impact in the Workplace"
    Speaker: Thomas P. McNulty, Radio Show Host, Spotlight on Health

    Depression is the number one reason for calling in sick, costing businesses more than $500 billion per year. Thomas McNulty – an expert in behavioral health who is president and founder of Success Stories, Inc. and the national business director of BWI National Health Promotion Training Institute – will discuss the debilitating effects of a depressed worker, and how early intervention, education and support can help individuals while building a strong working environment.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    "5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Distribution Network Opportunities"
    Speakers: Fred Bristol, Marketing Director & Shawna Dosser, President/CEO

    Are you looking for a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace? Join Fred Bristol, BWI Marketing Director and Shawna Dosser, President & CEO of BWI National Health Promotion Training Institute, who will discuss partner opportunities to up-sell, re-sell and/or co-brand BWI online health certification training programs. This opportunity is an especially good fit for health insurance companies, HR/EAP brokers, health promotion and wellness professionals, colleges, and business associations.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, April 18, 2012

    "4 Ways Online Wellness Training Can Financially Impact Your Business"
    Speaker: Shawna R. Dosser, MS, BWI President & CEO

    You are invited to join Shawna Dosser, President & CEO of BWI National Health Promotion Training Institute; she will discuss 4 ways that online wellness certificate training can financially impact your business. She will highlight BWI's National Health Promotion Training Institute and its innovative new certifications and health education programs designed to complement comprehensive wellness management programs for both worksites and schools. These unique online education courses were designed specifically to target certain audiences and tie results to a sophisticated learning management system (LMS). The LMS produces meaningful measurement and evaluation tools for employers to tie results to their incentive-based wellness programs.

    BWI's first certification trains new wellness managers with basic tools and resources to administer or re-energize their worksite program; the second instructs employees with online wellness education focusing on teaching individuals “how” to make true lifestyle changes for better health; and the third certifies instructors to manage an outcome-based youth health, wellness and fitness program. These cost effective certifications offer new, innovative training with continuing education opportunities across business-health-fitness sectors and are easily accessed via the world wide web at any hour of the day or night.
      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    "5 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Addictions in the Workplace and Schools"
    Speaker: Dr. Ronald Santasiero

    Addiction is a real and growing problem across multiple generations, with dependence becoming more prevalent in teenagers. Left untreated, this transforms to issues in the workplace. Dr. Ronald Santasiero, an internationally recognized speaker and co-founder of Sedona Holistic Medical Centre in Hamburg, N.Y., is committed to helping management teams deal with addiction issues from an organizational level. He also serves as BWI's Medical Director, and strongly believes that preventative health is key to managing his patients' health. Health education has an impact on addictions, and workplace and school health promotion programs influence behavior and lifestyle change.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    "E-Check, An Executive Evaluation Tool for Corporate Health Promotion"
    Speaker: Dr. Thomas Golaszewski

    Thomas Golaszewski Ed.D., will discuss Environment (E)–Check, an organizational planning and evaluation tool that allows for a systematic approach to health promotion delivery. The comprehensive organizational assessment process, known as EC for short, evaluates a workplace by examining policies, services, facilities and program administrative structures to determine the company's support for employee health. Dr. Golaszewski, who developed EC, is a professor in the Department of Health Science at the State University of New York at Brockport. Published and well-renowned in the health promotion field, he also developed Heart Check, a tool evaluating organizational support for cardiovascular health available through the New York State Department of Health.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, October 19, 2011

    "10 Strategies to Improve Health, Performance & the Bottom Line"
    Speaker: Dr. David Chenoweth

    The best way to a healthier employee base is by strategically positioning wellness programs, policies and incentives. Dr. David Chenoweth, an international expert in worksite health promotion and econometric data analysis, outlines strategies in "Promoting Employee Well-Being," an exclusive report of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation's Effective Practice Guidelines Series.

      Past BWI Webinar:
    Wednesday, August 17, 2011

    "8 Steps to Comprehensive Wellness Management"
    Speaker: Shawna R. Dosser, MS, CWPM, CLSSGB

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